News Update: November 14, 2022

Good Morning Grizzly Families:

Please take note of the following updates and information from Gravenhurst Public School.

Photo Retake Day – Tuesday, November 15

Photo retakes will occur in the morning of November 15 for students who were absent on the first picture day.

Progress Reports & Student-Teacher-Part Conferences

Progress Reports are designed to indicate the trajectory student learning is on based on the first 8 weeks of school. Students are assessed as progressing with difficulty/well/very well toward achievement of the curriculum expectations for their grade by the end of the year. This is a great opportunity to celebrate where students are experiencing success and to make note of and discuss with students and teachers those areas where early indications reveal a student is progressing with difficulty.

Parents are encouraged to bring their childs progress report and Individual Eduation Plan (if they have one) to their student-parent-teacher interview on the evening of Thursday, November 24. To schedule an interview between 4:30 – 8:30pm at the school, please contact your child’s teacher to schedule as soon as possible.

Cold Weather and Inclement Weather:

Messaging was shared with all families last week by TLDSB to share that we will be returning to our usual pre-pandemic practices regarding inclement weather days when busses are cancelled. Gravenhurst Public School will remain open for classes on inclement weather days. Families should understand that, depending on attendance, classess may be combined to support ensuring adequate staffing and supervision on these days.

Managing Student Health at School:

As we work our way through cold and flu season, there have been many headlines about childhood illnesses and the impact these illnesses are having throughout our province. Parents are reminded that the province still requires the daily completion of the School Screener every day prior to school. If a student has any of the following symptoms, they are not able to come to school until they have seen symptoms improve for 24-48 hours and must wear a mask for 10 days upon return:

  • fever
  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • decrease or loss of taste
  • muscle or joint pain
  • extreme tiredness
  • sore throat
  • stuffy/runny nose
  • neasuea, vomitting, diahreeah
  • abdominal pain
  • pink eye
  • decrease/no apetite

Communicating Concerns Regarding Your Child’s School Experience:

Education is a shared experience involving the home and the school and it can be strengthened by open communications between the two. Follow these steps if you have a concern about your child’s education:

First: Contact the classroom teacher and discuss the situation.

Then – if the situation has not been resolved:
Contact the principal or vice-principal and request help in dealing with the matter.

Then – if necessary:
Contact the superintendent of your child’s school. Call 1-888-526-5552 and ask for the name of the superintendent for your child’s school.

Support Gravenhurst Public School Council Fundraisers:

Ongoing Fundraisers:

Paid Lunch Days – scheduled to return in school in December 2022 with thanks to School Council – more to come!

Boston Pizza Operation Education:

Did you know Gravenhurst Public School is signed up for Operation Education and can earn money while you dine at Boston Pizza Gravenhurst! Any time teachers, students and their families dine-in at Boston Pizza Gravenhurst during the school year, Boston Pizza Gravenhurst donates 10% back to our school in credit to help with fundraising initiatives, breakfast program etc.
Just write on the back of the receipt (Gravenhurst PS) and drop it off to Boston Pizza. Thank you to Boston Pizza Gravenhurst for providing this opportunity and supporting GPS.

Mabels Labels:

Did you know Gravenhurst PS has an ongoing fundraiser with Mabels Labels? All you need to do is go to: and search for Gravenhurst Public School and start shopping. 20% from each order placed goes directly back into the school for items such as technology, books, outdoor equipment, learning supplies and more.