Fire Prevention Week 2021

October 4th, 2021


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Each year, the Province of Ontario spreads the important message of fire prevention through the Office of the Fire Marshall’s Fire Safety Week with education activities all over the province, including here in Gravenhurst.


This year, the Gravenhurst Fire Department will be joining Gravenhurst Public School to carry out our first fire drill of the school year. This will be one of many fire drills where staff and students will practice complete, safe and orderly evacuation of the entire school when they hear the sound of the fire alarm. This first drill will take place on Thursday, October 7 at 2:00pm. 


While we know these drills are an important education opportunity for most, we also recognize that these can be events that may trigger traumatic stress responses in a few situations. Families who are concerned about the fire drill having a negative impact on their child(ren) are encouraged to contact the school before Thursday to discuss possible accommodations or excusal for the afternoon of the fire drill. 


Fire Prevention Week is an opportunity for us all to remember the importance of checking to ensure our fire alarms, smoke detectors, and CO2 detectors are all in proper working order. 


For more about Fire Prevention Week, contact the Gravenhurst Fire Department at 705-687-3414 or visit their website at


Mr. Dean Burke



Gravenhurst Public School